2-69 AR, 3rd PLT, D CO

FOR FAMILIES, INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS: If you would like to adopt a soldier, please understand that your commitment is to send a letter or card every 2 weeks and a care package every 4-5 weeks containing some of the items the soldier has listed on his or her questionnaire.  This support could mean up to 10 months of time depending on the soldier's return date.
We want you to understand that you may or may not hear back from your soldier, so your commitment needs to be a selfless act with no expectations other than knowing you are boosting the morale of a deployed soldier.
For the safety and security of our Soldiers, all families, individuals, and groups must complete an application with your name, mail and email addresses and phone number. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent, guardian, adult leader, teacher, etc., fill out an application for you. Click here to complete an application to adopt a soldier.