Adopt-A-Soldier's Unit

Good news!  We are able to open our Adopt-A-Soldier program back up, but with a little twist.  We are asking you to help support a soldier through his unit's chaplain.

We have had Chaplains reaching out to us asking that care packages be sent to them and then they, in turn, can get the items into the hands of the soldiers.

As one Chaplain said, "The Soldiers here do miss American snacks and we are certainly in need of hygiene items. What we could mostly use are male and female hygiene items such as razors, body wash, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste.  As for snacks, ANYTHING is appreciated!  Beef jerky, trailmix, energy bars, coffee."

So if you would like to send a care package to one of these chaplains, simply email us through our Contact page.

Feel free to refer to our List of Items in our Care Package info for more snack ideas.