Adopt-A-Soldier's Homecoming

There is a unit in Afghanistan that will be returning home soon and we are looking for 750 people or families or businesses or organizations to help us make Welcome Home Care Packages for the single (unmarried) soldiers who will be returning to the barracks that are empty of everything.  If we don't do it, then all of this falls on the shoulders of the military spouses.  They have had to endure enough with the deployment of their own spouse, but because they care about all of their soldiers, they take on this added task.  Please ... let's all come together and remove this burden from their shoulders and, at the same time, show our single soldiers how much we care about them.

Welcome Home Care Packages

Simply put the following items in a box and then Contact Us for the address to ship to.  Or, you could order these items online at places like,, and have your package shipped direct.  It's that easy!

Twin Set of Sheets & Pillowcase


Bath towel

(All items need to be "new" and in their original packaging.)


You could also click here to make a donation online and we will do the shopping for you. 


DEADLINE:  April 30th